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what is Riverford's big
worm dig all about?

Riverford's Big Worm Dig is a fun and simple earthworm survey, designed to help boost our knowledge of the British earthworm population.

How it Works

we need worms

They are like mini tractors, tilling the soil and making it a better place for plants to grow. That's why we love them at Riverford; they help look after our veg. Birds, badgers, moles, hedgehogs and even foxes feed on them too. When we plough our fields we often see buzzards rummaging in the furrows for an easy meal.

Yet while worms may appear common in the UK, very little is known about their ecology.

Big Worm Dig

who is this survey for?

Everyone. Wildlife lovers, gardeners, families, kids, accountants, nurses, astronauts. We want as many surveys completed across the country as possible. We don't mind who does it!

Big Worm Dig

Our fun and simple earthworm survey only takes 20 minutes, so get digging!


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